Residential Pool Remodeling

Your swimming pool is a big investment, and like any investment, you should protect it and keep it looking beautiful.

With residential pool remodeling from New Image Pool Interiors, you can keep your pool running great and looking amazing all at the same time. Make your backyard pool more than just a pool - make it a tropical oasis, a Mediterranean getaway, or a luxurious lagoon. No matter what backyard oasis you want to be built, we can help your vision become a reality. Just give us a call.

Ready to get your pool remodeled?

The addition of custom lighting can breathe new life into your backyard. We can maximize the appeal of your outdoor space to take your swimming experience to a new level. We price our work very competitively for the hard work and fine quality we put into every project. We stand behind our work with confidence and pride. We guarantee your satisfaction and work hard to make sure you are happy with your pool.

Our 7 Step Process

We'll have your pool remodeled in 10 days.

1. Home Presentation

We’ll come to your home and show you everything we have to offer to restore your pool and have it look like new.

2. Showroom Selection

Browse our showroom to find the perfect fit for your pool. You’ll be able to see what our work looks like firsthand.

3. Drain Pool

The first step in getting your pool ready is to let out all the water in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

4. Hydroblasting

Hydroblasting, also known as water jetting, is used to remove the old plaster from the gunite without damaging it.

5. Install Tile

Install tile and depth markers (if applicable). From there, we’ll install break & trim tile for pools over five feet deep.

6. Apply Interior Finish

Apply Plaster, Altima Plaster, or Primera Stone Ivory Mist. Plaster pools will begin to fill immediately. Primera Stone finishes require a polish before filling.

7. Chemical Startup

Now that your pool has been prepared and filled up with water, it’s time to balance the chemicals so your pool is ready to swim in!

An Investment in Happiness

Your pool has turned your backyard into a social hub for your children and family. It has improved your life, the value of your home, and brought your family closer together. Protect this investment with a New Image Pool Interior restoration.

Ignoring it, even when it’s a seemingly small issue, is a big mistake. Small issues can become big issues very quickly. By taking care of problems at the first sign, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars in repair and renovation costs in the long run.

What our clients say about us

Being able to swim in a luxury swimming pool at your own place is amazing! And I know for sure that the quality of service and technical experience of your company is the best. Thank you for everything!


This company is hands down the best company in California, they have an amazing team, hands on owners Juan, Raul, and Lee that go above and beyond to meet your expectations. They really care about their job and what they do.


Absolutely love our pool, Bob and his team were fantastic, professional and prompt. You can't go wrong with new image pool and won't find a place with a better price, products and service.


I can't say enough good things about New Image. They turned our 34 year old crumbling pool and spa into one we're proud to show off and use this summer. The crew was great, very polite and respectful and hard working.


They did an amazing job and finished fairly quickly with great quality work. From the beginning to the end of the process it was smooth and hassle free. It's companies like this that make having a pool enjoyable.


They did a fantastic job and I really enjoyed working with this company. Very professional and did an A+ job on my little 71ft pool. I am very happy with my little blue lagoon! Thank you New Image!


From beginning to end they we timely, professional and extremely customer service friendly. The pool was 25 years old so it needed a lot of work. New Image did a great job. Pool was done on time and looks better than it did new!


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