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Why You Should Use A Certified Start-Up Technician

New Image Pool Interiors, Inc started January 3, 2006 by owners Lee Valenzuela, Juan Serrato and Raul Serrato. With 65 years of combined experience, we have set high standards in the Valley for quality of workmanship and customer service. To assure homeowners are getting the very best, we are proud to say there is an owner on site supervising all phases of your swimming pool remodel. See why the biggest and best swimming pool builders also rely on our expertise for their own plaster and pebble finish needs.

The partners feel fortunate to have teamed up with Wet Edge Technologies™ which produces some of the finest pool interior finishes in the country. Wet Edge Technologies™ has many years invested in sourcing materials from all over the world and bringing them to the market place. Wet Edge Technologies™ is manufacturing five product lines Pearl Matrix™, Satin Matrix™, Primera Stone™, Altima™ and Luna Quartz™. These pool finishes contain materials that are sourced from around the world in regions such as New Zealand, the South Pacific and the picturesque Andes Mountains. Additionally, unique to their products are the smooth and round black pebbles that are exclusively imported by Wet Edge Technologies™ all the way from Chile. As a final touch to the pool finish a blend of ocean shells are imported from the South Seas and are added to most of the products to enhance them with a shimmering sparkle through out the pool.

Two very popular pool finishes in the Fresno area are the Pearl Matrix™ and Satin Matrix™. These two products are exposed pebble finishes that provide a beautiful and natural appearance and are available in fifteen stunning color combinations. The Pearl Matrix™ contains larger pebbles, while the Satin Matrix™ contains smaller pebbles that give the pool finish a distinctive texture. Also, exclusively installed in the Central Valley by New Image Pool Interiors is the Primera Stone™. This product has the appearance of a pebble pool but is hydro polished to a true smooth finish. This product line offers over ten color combination that will enhance the beauty of any pool.

Quality pool finishes combined with excellent application practices have made New Image Pool Interiors the number one plaster installer in the Fresno area.

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